Thursday, June 16, 2016

Traveling in Chicago - The Chicago Botanical Garden

This week more than ever, a visit to The Chicago Botanical Garden seemed like a great idea. The carnage in Orlando and the venom that has been spewed since against immigrants especially Muslims goes on and on. I could talk about acceptance – of the LGBT community, of Muslims, and of other immigrants- but you’ve heard it all before. I could talk about sensible gun control, but I’ve done that before also. Pres. Obama made his sixteenth impassioned plea for gun control probably to no avail. Sometimes it feels good to just take a break.

I can’t think of a better place for a break than the Chicago Botanic Garden located at the Edens Expressway and Lake-Cook Road in Glencoe, Illinois. It’s listed as a major museum in Chicago’s Museums, A Complete Guide to the City’s Cultural Attractions by Victor Danilov. Every time we go there we see new gardens and more in bloom. Admission to the Botanic Garden is free but the charge for parking is $25 per car. It is open daily.

Going there in June there is so much blooming. Instead of deluging you with more words, here are some of my favorite pictures. I fervently hope that all of us individually and America as a whole has a better week ahead.

rose garden

rose garden

English Garden

In the sensory garden

walk to Spider Island

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