Thursday, September 24, 2015

Green Lake, Wisconsin

            Refugees from the Middle East and Africa are overwhelming Europe. Closer to home in Chicago, we hear about children dieing from gun violence almost daily. Sometimes, I like to take a break from the news, avoiding even hearing or reading about what’s going on out there. At such times, it feels good to get away.
            At these times, a trip to the country feels really good. For once, I don’t have a social message to my travels. Green Lake in central Wisconsin not far from Green Bay is a place to listen to the crickets and the water on the lake. It’s a town of about 960 people on the north side of Big Green Lake. People go there for fishing, boating, swimming, and relaxing.
            We were happy to meet friends there who live in northern Wisconsin a few weeks ago. We stayed at the Heidleberg House, a resort with its own lake front and small beach. It has a restaurant on the grounds and even an ice cream shop. What more could we ask for? We enjoyed a weekend of catching up and enjoying the scenery. You can often find good deals for weekend or one-night getaways to it on the website
            Absent my usual social messages, here are a few pictures of the area. I get relaxed even looking at these pictures.

on the grounds of Heidleberg House


evening in the town of Green Lake

view from Big Green Lake

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